KATELYN ALTMANN is a movement artist, collaborator and improvisor currently working and residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She began her early career in Stevens Point, Wisconsin under the direction of Pamula Luedtke, Marlene Turbin-Weldon, and Michael Estanish. Each movement mentor has been a vehicle to her inherent connection to her artistry within movement making and cultivating an awareness when it comes to her work. Katelyn recently graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in Dance Performance & Choreography from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts.

Katelyn has worked closely with various International artists, Milwaukee-based artists, faculty members and guest artists, including, Daniel Burkholder, Maria Gillespie, Mair Culbreth, Simone Ferro, Kym McDaniel, Esmé Boyce, Ishmael Huston-Jones, Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Melanie George and Holly Johnston (Ledges and Bones). Collaboration with these artists and community members is key within her curation and creative exploration.

Katelyn was also engaged as an Undergraduate Research Fellow at UW – Milwaukee immersed in movement research under the mentorship of faculty member, Maria Gillespie. Upon merit and movement expertise, Katelyn has also received the Ed Burgess Legacy Scholarship, Randy R. Reddemann Emerging Artist Scholarship, Undergraduate Dance Scholarships, Dance Masters of Wisconsin Scholarships and a scholarship from the Wisconsin Dance Council. From this scholarship and upon recommendation, Katelyn is a current member of the Wisconsin Dance Council.

Katelyn has also extended her movement education and performance experience to various intensives including the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, Milwaukee Ballet, Dance Masters of Wisconsin, Point Park University, Keigwin + Company, Bates Dance Festival/ Gibney Connect NYC, and the Seattle Festival for Dance Improvisation.